Welcome to Wiseachers Puppy page.


Wiseachers is please to say that we have had confirmed breeding of Lyra with both Ripley and Tex.  This most likely will be a split litter, and all pups will be DNA tested for parentage.  Puppies will be due April 10th and ready to go home in June at 8 weeks.  

We have also bred Cocoh to Ripley.  All things going well, puppies will be due April 21st, ready to go home in June at 8 weeks.

We are taking deposits on both litters at this time.





wiseachers miniature australian shepherds - lyra


Timberlines Aurora Borealis Of Wiseacher

Lyra's Pedigree and Testing




wiseachers miniature australian shepherd - cocoh


Red Creeks Terracious Cocoh of Wiseachers

Cocoh's pedigree and testing


wiseachers miniature australian shepherd - ripley


Timberlines Believe It Or Not Ima Wiseacher

Ripleys pedigree and testing









For purposes of definition only:


  • toy aussie would be under 14"
  • small mini aussie would be 14-15"
  • medium mini aussie would be 15 -16"
  • large mini aussie would be 16-18"

These are my terms only and do not reflect any breed standard. Sizes are estimates only.