Price List


Prices listed below are an average.


Wiseachers has decided to price all of our pups the same rather than by male and female.  The price may be lower or higher depending on the quality of the puppy.


Prices are spay/neuter only.

Please Contact Wiseachers for information on purchasing a puppy for breeding.

Prices may change due to availability, temperament, and special health concerns.


Please note that any puppies or adults purchased by buyers that live in Iowa will be charged sales tax. 


Price List 


Tri color puppies without blue eyes - $850 - $1200


Tri color puppies with one or two blue eyes - $1500

Merles with any color eyes - $1000 - 1500



We accept a $250.00 deposit to hold your place in line to pick your puppy. Our Puppy Questionnaire allows you to tell us the size, sex, and color you are looking for. Wiseachers retains the right to refuse any buyer a specific puppy if we don't feel that puppy will fit into their family situation due to size, sex or temperament. We do our very best to make sure your puppy will be happy in your household. Making a deposit does not guarantee there will be a healthy litter at any specific time, as nature will determine when we have puppies available. Should there not be a litter at the expected time, you may ask for your deposit back or leave it for the next expected litter. Other than that situation, our deposits are nonrefundable.