Every breeder loves to hear good things about their dogs and puppies. Because we sell so many of our pups through our web site, we felt it might be appropriate to have a testimonial page for those new to Wiseachers dogs. We want to assure prospective buyers that we are producing quality dogs, and that we stand behind our promises. Those included in this page have graciously allowed us to use their words. We will also put prospective buyers in touch with them through e-mail if requested.


Wiseachers would like to thank all of our families for their kind words and wonderful, loving homes, but especially those included on this page for allowing us to publish their thoughts and feelings.



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Wiseachers Gus



Dick and I agree the only way to describe Gus is a pure delight. He is so smart and handsome. With all the horse shows we go to,I am always being complimented on him. He has such a beautiful hair coat and a REAL Ausssie face.Not that mini look that so many breeders produce. We are so glad we found you and will be getting more Aussies from you.
Thanks,Michelle and Dick Smith


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Wiseachers Dekster


He is so smart, he knows all kinds of tricks and can learn them in about 5 minutes. He is already catching frisbees at 7 months old. He can jump so high I know he will be great at agility competitions. People comment on his blue eyes everywhere we go, and how sweet he is.

Courtesy of Dekster's Mom


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I can't believe that our girls Tori and Miki are three years old (written in 07)! They continue to be our constant companions and are a delight to own. I am so glad that people that see our girls comment on how they truly look like mini aussies. We get complements all the time. Thank you again for our kids.

Whenever we go to shows people want to know if they are minis and where we got them. A standard comment is "they are the first ones that I have seen that actually look like an Aussie".
Courtesy of Tori and Miki's mom


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Wiseachers Sheila


"She is such a delight and makes us smile -----a lot."


"Sheila is dynamite in agility and almost fearless. Nancy, she's all that I could have wanted and more - thank you so much for allowing her to come and live with me."


"She hasn't been on sheep for a while, but the last time she was put onto six sheep and handled them just fine. The teacher commented that she is really an "Aussie". (He has the "big" size Aussies)"


Wiseachers Sheila


"Nancy, I have received so many compliments on Sheila. People often say that they see other mini Aussies and they don't look like an Aussie. Sheila does!! That is such a tribute to your breeding program and your vision for keeping the looks and temperament as it should be. Great for you!!!!"


Courtesy of Sheila's mom


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Wiseachers Murphy


"You should be proud of the puppies you're raising, and we couldn't be happier. I'm glad we found your web site and wound up with one of your puppies. Tell Buddy and Jersey "Thanks"! And keep up the good work."


"Murphy is everything we hoped she would be. She loves to run and play, but won't leave the yard. She has a ball playing in the water whether it's a hose or a sprinkler. She loves kids and gets along with just about everyone."


Courtesy of Murphy's mom and dad


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Wiseachers Rylie


I am Rylie's new mother of about 17 months. I was apprehensive of purchasing an adult dog because I assumed the dog had developed habits and loyalities. Now I would not give her up for any reason. She is my constant companion. She believes the car is not to leave without her in it. She accompanies me to school twice a week. There she has chosen her favorite students from our population of students with learning differences. Rylie's tolerant of the most needy. A leash is a thing of the past when we are in safe areas. Now that the weather is warmer, she spends our outside lunches under the picnic table at my feet or with one of her favorite students. She is very possessive of the classroom and keeps the school Newfie out despite the size difference. Most classtime she spends on her little bed unless certain favorite people coax her away.


At home Rylie has the run of the house though when she arrived she was not completely housebroken. She spends nights and down time during the day on the bed. She chases the cats and yet is intimidated by them when they sprawl on the steps. She is free to roam the yard and accompany us down the street so she can play with the big dogs.


Her nicknames are "Sweet Rylie" and "Princess." She's both of those and a cherished addition to our home.

-Thank you Joyce for giving our wonderful Rylie a retirement home.-